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What is the processing time for German student visa in 2023?

Posted on January 16, 2023
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What is the processing time for German student visa in 2023

Why study in Germany?

  • Access to quality education
  • Better career opportunities
  • Has top 11 QS ranking Universities
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Job Seeker Visa for 18 months
  • Scholarship worth $10,000
  • IELTS not mandatory

Germany, as a country, has developed leaps and bounds, both economically and globally. Today, the country is exquisitely known for its quality of education and living standards. It is one of the very few European countries that offer feasibility and maintains itself as affordable for students worldwide. Unlike most countries, Germany does not make it a compulsion to learn the native language to study in Germany. The government is one of the top 4 largest economies in the world, hence proving its dominion in growth and development. It has some of the most scenic landscapes and topography that add to its reputation.

Germany will be a good investment if you want a quality yet affordable education.

What is a German student visa?

The German student visa is a type of visa that you receive if you have applied for a study program at a university in Germany and have received an acceptance letter for the same. The study programs or the course that you take up may differ based on your field of interest and could be offered for higher education by any of the universities in Germany. This qualifies you for a German student visa.

What are the requirements for German Student visa?

The primary documents that are to be produced for a German student visa include the following  –

  • A completely filled application form
  • A passport that is valid along with a copy of its data page.
  • 2 recent Biometric photos
  • Two signed national visa forms
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of marriage (if married)
  • Child certificate (if you have children)
  • Previous resident permit (if applicable)
  • Previous Schengen visa (if applicable)
  • Letter of Commitment – This can be given by anyone who is currently living in Germany and will be covering your accommodation and living costs.
  • Letter of declaration –
  • Proof of admission – Acceptance letter from the university
  • Proof of sufficient financial funds – Letter of commitment (LOC), Blocked account, Letter of Declaration (LOD), scholarship certificates.
  • SOP
  • Motivational letter (stating why you have chosen the degree program + future plans)
  • An updated CV
  • Proof of visa application fee payment
  • Proof of health insurance that is sufficient for the first 3 months in Germany
  • Proof of language based certificates (or) proof that verifies your intention to attend a language course in Germany before commencing your studies.
  • Certificates of previous educational achievements. (e.g. secondary educational degree)

*Note: The documents required for a student visa may differ based on the country.

*Need assistance for arranging all the check list of documents. Avail Y-Axis document procurement services.

How to acquire a German student visa?

The process of applying for a German student visa may differ from one country to another. However, there are a few key steps to get a student visa for Germany.

Step 1: Locate a German consulate or embassy closest to you and consult them for your student visa application.

Step 2: You can also visit the embassy’s official website, go through the “National visa/long-term visa” section, and select the student visa category.

Step 3: Book an appointment for your visa.

Step 4: Carry all the required documents as instructed and submit them to the embassy on the day of your appointment.

Step 5: Pay the fees for the visa.

Step 6: Attend the interview.

Step 7:  Wait for the results of your interview.

What is the cost of a German student visa?

The cost of a German student visa for Indians is €75 and €37.5 for minors. The payment must be in local currency via a bank transfer and should not be over two months. Payment through credit or debit cards is unavailable for all countries and must be checked for your country. 

*Note: The fee, once paid is non-refundable or cannot be reimbursed in case your via application gets rejected.

Visa processing time for German student Visa in 2023

The processing time a German student visa in 2023 can be around 4-12 weeks and usually depends on the Local German embassies. The processing time for a German student visa differs for different countries.

Below is a table that tells us the processing time for different countries.

Country Processing Time.
China 5 weeks
India 2-3 months
Syria 5-7 weeks
Russia 6-8 weeks
Iran 4-6 weeks
Turkey Up to 4 weeks
Cameroon 2 months
Tunisia Up to 3 months
Ukraine 12-15 weeks
Pakistan 5-10 weeks
Morocco Up to 3 months
Egypt Many months
Vietnam 6 weeks – 3 months
Nigeria 2-3 months
Bangladesh Up to 6 weeks
Ghana Up to 8 weeks
UAE 7 days – 12 weeks
Sri Lanka Up to 3 months
Nepal 8-10 weeks
Indonesia 8 weeks
Mexico 6-8 days
Colombia 2-3 months

*The contents in the table may vary and are only the approximate values.

What is the validity of the German student visa?

The German study visa is typically issued for a period of 3 months and, in some instances, six months. The student will be required to complete the necessary follow-up procedures during this timeframe correctly. You can also apply for a residence permit that can extend your validity from 3 months to the duration of your study period (up to 1-3 years). You can also boost your residence permit if you still need to finish your studies.

Need guidance to migrate to Germany? Y-Axis is here to assist you in all the procedures. 

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