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What to do if your Australian visa application gets rejected

Posted on March 11, 2022
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What to do if your Australian visa application gets rejected

You are careful, meticulous, and hopeful when you are applying for a Australian visa. Who would not want their visa to be processed successfully in the first attempt? But, sometimes, due to unfortunate circumstances, the visa gets rejected. Do not lose hope. Read on further to know how you can re-apply for your visa.

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Procedure to re-apply for your visa

If your visa application is rejected, you can appeal online through the AAT or Administrative Appeals Tribunal. You need to send your request within 28 days after being notified about the rejection.

An appeal fee would cost you around A$1,826. You are eligible for a 50 percent reduction in fees if you are not able to afford it. The payment should be made within 28 days.

If the appeal is in your favor, you will be refunded half of the fee. In case the decision is not in your favor, you will be refunded the whole amount of reapplication.

After you have re-applied for your visa, you will be sent a letter for the confirmation of your application. Read the latter thoroughly to understand and note the requirements for your appeal. Try to meet the requirements stated so that your visa application is processed successfully.

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Time Taken for the appeal to get processed

The tentative duration for the time taken for the appeal is given in the table below.

Type of Visa Duration (in days)
Student Refusal 530
Student Cancellation 450
Temporary Work Visas 885
Skilled Work Visas 576

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Reasons for Visa Rejection
Your visa application may be denied because of the following reasons:

Character verification failure
You do not meet the prerequisites for the Australian Visa Character standards. It might be due to past criminal records or if you are suspected to be involved in organized crime.

Inability to submit additional requests
If you do not submit the required additional documents and information, that the Immigration Office requires, you will be rejected.

Incorrect information
You need to provide correct and authentic information when in your application. If false information is found in your application, your visa will be rejected.

Incomplete application
If you submit an incomplete visa application, your visa request will be rejected.

Invalid passport
For a visa application, your passport should have been issued within the last 10 years. It is valid for a minimum of six months after you return from Australia.

Failure to submit documents
Your visa will be denied if the specified document or documents are missing with the visa application for Australia.

Proof of Finances
If you cannot provide proofs that you can sponsor your trip to Australia, you will not be issued a visa.

Health insurance
It is necessary to have a health insurance when you apply for the student visa to Australia. If you do nt have one, it may result in the rejection of your visa.

Now that you know how to re-apply for your visa to Australia and the requirement it needs, you can start the application process. Hope for a good time in Australia.

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