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Where can I take computer-delivered IELTS test?

Posted on August 26, 2023
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Why take the IELTS test?

  • Globally recognized English language test
  • Major English test for admission to colleges and universities
  • Prepares for pursuing education in English
  • Advances career prospects
  • Helps aspiring immigrants get work and study visas

Where can I take the computer-delivered IELTS test?

Launched first in December 2017 in Australia, you can take an IELTS test that is a Paper-Based Test (PBT) or Computer-Based Test (CBT). The format of the test is identical for both options. The IELTS score taken on a computer is sent to the candidates within three to five business days. The speaking test in CBT is taken through a face-to-face interview that is conducted online. Candidates can take the speaking test in either of the test formats up to one week before or after the other tests. The exam pattern and the duration for IELTS are the same for PBT as well as CBT.

The reviews of the computer-based IELTS tests have been encouraging as they provide more tests, flexibility in time, and send the results within five to seven days. If candidates run through an assessment known as the IELTS Indicator, it will help evaluate their skills.

Benefits of computer-delivered IELTS test

Candidates who want to know IELTS scores quickly as soon as they complete the exam should go for the IELTS computer-based test result. While it takes five to six days to receive the IELTS computer-based test result, it takes up to 13 days to receive the IELTS paper-based test.

If candidates do not have adequate time and would opt to take the IELTS test during the weekends, they should take the IELTS computer-based test. There are numerous dates for IELTS computer-based tests, making it easier for applicants to choose the one meeting their requirements.

Most IELTS test-takers need time to get used to the IELTS test format. IELTS sample papers are available, and study materials help candidates get used to the test pattern. The IELTS computer-based test online practice helps them.

As there are many exam centers, multiple dates are available for candidates to take the computer-based IELTS.

Differences between CBT and PBT IELTS tests

Most candidates opt for computer-based IELTS because of the developed technology. Nevertheless, it is mostly like the paper-based IELTS as far as content and task types, timings, and marking.

In the IELTS paper-based test, the candidates are asked to write the answers on the back of an answer sheet. In the IELTS computer-based test, they are asked to write the answers in the front.

Highlights of the IELTS computer-based test are as follows

  • Prior to beginning a listening component, candidates are given time to run through the questions
  • In the IELTS computer-based test, candidates have the option of reviewing answers at each listening section’s end.
  • They are given two minutes to review the answers at the end of the paper.
  • For the listening component, the time allotted is 30 to 34 minutes.

In the listening section, test-takers have the option to switch between the listening sections of IELTS; they can opt to drag and drop their answers, which saves them time; some of the sections need test-takers to check boxes so that they can answer properly, and they can easily emphasize texts in the IELTS computer-based test.
In the reading section, IELTS reading questions provide candidates with a convenient format, with the questions being displayed on the left side, and the right side features the answers; candidates can change font size as per their convenience, candidates can emphasize words or sentences necessary as per their ease, and shortcuts like Ctrl +c and Ctrl +v can be used to answer questions.

In the Writing Section, there are no hurdles to ensure restrictions on word count as the system alerts at the time required, and it is possible to edit answers in the IELTS writing section using the options of copy, cut, and paste.

In the Speaking Section, candidates require soundproof speaking test rooms; candidates may come across questions being rephrased or repeated, questions are asked depending on the English level and proficiency that the test-taker displays, candidates are heard and given the opportunity to speak as per their comfort and time, a vital role is played by accent, and through this section, the candidates’ strong point and flaws can be assessed.

Tips to prepare for computer-based IELTS

The IELTS computer-based test difficulty level keeps varying each year, affecting the IELTS score.

Here are a few tips for IELTS candidates to prepare when taking the test.

  • Go through the questions systematically before you answer.
  • Make it a practice to listen to sound clips sourced from TV or movies.
  • If you are unable to understand the meaning of a word, try to understand the context in which it is being used.
  • Make use of a stopwatch to practice every question.
  • Highlight the significant section while going through a passage.
  • Try covering as many points as possible in the Writing and Speaking sections – because 25% of marks are allotted for each criterion.
  • Pay attention to the usage of grammar and spelling.
  • Attempt to maintain word limit exactingly.
  • Keep improving your vocabulary.
  • To improve vocabulary, read extensively.

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