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Why are Canadian employers hiring more foreign workers

Posted on May 16, 2022
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Why are Canadian employers hiring more foreign workers

Canada is one of the home countries of equality, injustice, and tolerance. Canadians take pride in the diversity they have in the country. Canada is a cultural mixture of immigrants and their generations. This is continuously growing abroad to hire workers.

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Continuous growth in the requirement of talent

For the past year, Canada has had a vast requirement of job vacancies, and it is increasing. This is one of the reasons that many Canadian businesses are hiring foreign talent to fill in the empty jobs, as there has been a record number of job vacancies to be filled.

During the last third counter of 2021, Canada has recorded the number of job vacancies as 912,600. And this figure is consistent to date concerning all the sectors, mainly in health care, food services, retail industry, and construction industries. The omicron wave has slowly gotten thinned, and the restrictions are slowly getting erased to hire for the job vacancies. The third quarter of 2021 is approximately equal to 2022’s labor requirement conditions.

Even today, the high requirement for labor continues. Along with this, there are more jobs than the people who need to be filled. And also, many part-time workers do not choose to do it as a full-time job. This made the part-time employment to fall a record level.

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The need for talent continues:

Based on 2021 stats, a significant portion of Canada’s population is near retirement. For every 1 in 5, or other words, 21.8 % of citizens in Canada are of 55 to 64 years of age. Canada’s government has never experienced this kind of deficit in filling the jobs because of many Canadian’s retirement age. This deficit was observed during pre-pandemic, and when covid-19 has spread, the recruitments got struck, but more than a year went by now the Canadian citizens who are getting retired is raised again to 21.8 %. This leads to more job vacancies.

Due to the low birth rate and low-fertility rate in the last 50 years, the workforce is experiencing huge requirements in many jobs in Canada, even in government sectors. Almost 1/5th of labor in Canada who are citizens are getting retired.

For the last five decades, there was less number of Canadian citizens born to fill the future jobs. More people under the age of 15 years than those aged 65 years and others in provinces Alberta and Saskatchewan. In other words, Covid has brought many new trends in short and long-term kinds of job requirements, and companies need to search for options to fill in the jobs.

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Immigration reforms suggested by Canadian Government

The Federal Government have reformed the immigration processes so that they can fill those job positions with the foreign talent to Canada. Finding talented immigrants beyond their own borders is the one and only option for Canadian companies to fill in the jobs. As the current immigration policies do not fit to hire as many foreign talents, statistics of Canada say that there are many chances for the immigrants to rejuvenate their lives.

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Reforms by the government of Canada to pep up the Temporary foreign workers

  1. There is an increase in the maximum duration of working days to 270 for the temporary foreign worker program. Also, the maximum limit for the low-wage positions has been removed so that these seasonal employers can hire as many as they can by using the Temporary foreign workers’ program.
  2. The labor market impact assessment validity is increased to 18 months from 12 months during covid-19.
  3. Employers can hire up to 30 % of the workforce by using the Temporary foreign workers’ program. This percentage for almost seven specific job sectors and that too for low-wage positions. All other sectors have increased the limit to 20%.
  4. For global talent streams and high-wage workers will get the maximum duration of employment has been increased from two years to three years.
  5. The refusal of policy for labor market impact assessment applications for low wage occupations for the food services, accommodation, and retail trade sectors has been done for the regions with unemployment rates greater or equal to 6%.


The exact statistical impact of these reforms will help businesses to extract the foreign talent they need. After a few months and years, the required talent for filling up the labor shortages will be found within the Canadian borders only.

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