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Why do Indian students want to study abroad in the UK?

Posted on March 1, 2019
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study abroad in the UK

The UK is a sought after study abroad destination for students in India. The numbers of Indian students in UK Universities increased to 16, 550 in 2016-17. This was an increase of 10% over the previous year.

Here we present the top 5 reasons as to why do Indian students want to study abroad in the UK:

  1. The UK still perceived as a ‘GREAT’ destination

The campaign GREAT BRITAIN launched in 2012 has been promoting the UK as a forthcoming nation. It offers high-quality and flexible courses to Indian students that include integrated job placements.

A pilot program is now being offered that offers Post-study UK Work Visas to students. The Government has proposed to extend it and demands are being made for 2 years Post-study UK Work Visas.

  1. Numerous Scholarships for brilliant students

Universities in the UK offer a wide range of discounts and scholarships to overseas students:

  • Chevening scholarships
  • The Commonwealth Masters Scholarships
  • Newton-Bhabha Fund
  • The GREAT Scholarships of the British Council
  • UK STEM Scholarships launched in December 2018 for female applicants
  • UKERI – UK India Education Research Initiative
  1. ROI – A return on investment

Indians students definitely want to know the ROI if they opt for study abroad and especially in the UK. It often takes on an average of 3 to 4 years for a millennial to get started in the careers that they have chosen. They begin to reap the rich benefits of international experience and network offered by their UK degree from this point.

  1. International reputation

Study abroad in the UK offers talented students the opportunity to pursue higher studies at globally reputed Universities. 11 UK Universities are in the top 100 globally ranked Universities. 18 more are in the top 200 and another 10 are in the top 300.

  1. Less demanding to apply to the UK

The application process for study abroad in the UK is less demanding than in the US. Universities in the UK do not need exams such as SAT or SAT subject tests for their UG Program admissions. They accept the system of grading and boards in India such as the ISC and CBSE, as quoted by India Today.

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