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Why is Estonia the new favorite destination of Indian students?

Posted on November 5, 2018
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Estonia the new favorite destination of Indian students

The US, UK, Australia, and Canada are some of the favorite destinations of Indian students. However, students are currently looking for alternate options due to tough visa rules in some of these countries. The high cost of studies has also caused Indian students to look for other alternatives.

Estonia, the North European country, is fast emerging as a new favorite among students. Competitive tuition fee and scholarship options give Estonia an edge over other popular destinations.

Many students from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have moved to Estonia for their higher studies.

Estonia is the most entrepreneurial country in the European continent. It has one of the most developed digital societies across the globe. Many consider it as the start-up haven of Europe. Many students consider it as the dream country to fast-track your career. Estonia’s affordable yet vibrant environment attracts many students. Plus, its well-developed technology sector makes it an enticing place to study and live.

The country offers high-quality education with its degrees accepted worldwide. Various scholarship options make it a target country for many Indian students. Estonia’s higher education focuses on strong industry links. Students are able to gain practical experience and may even design their own startup.

According to the Indian Express, the “Study Estonia” program encourages Indian students to study specialized courses in Estonia. Launched last year, the program promotes courses like Robotics, Cyber Security etc.

Besides Hyderabad, students from many other cities have also shown interest in the program.

Estonia also offers in-country employment to successful international graduates. Students can also get a 9-month stay back option to look for employment in the country.

Estonia offers many courses in English like:

  • Game Design and development
  • Startup Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity and Business Innovation
  • IT

 Undergraduate courses cost from 3000 to 6000 Euros yearly.

Eligible students need to have at least 50% marks in their previous course. They would also need to prove English language proficiency by scoring at least a 5.5 on IELTS.

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