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Why is the online preparation of IELTS beneficial?

Posted on September 27, 2018
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Ielts online coaching

Are you a student aspiring to go overseas? Do you aspire to migrate overseas? Then in all probability, you must be thinking about appearing for IELTS.

Here is why the online preparation of IELTS makes sense:

  1. IELTS is a difficult test. It is regarded as one of the most challenging English tests.
  2. IELTS has questions which are distinctive to it. Amongst all the questions that IELTS asks, half of them are unique to it. Particularly the Reading section which is about understanding the writer’s point of view is unique to IELTS. You require the skills to “read between the lines” which only comes with training and practice.
  3. IELTS uses common and familiar questions in unconventional ways. The short answer questions in IELTS are asked in 3 different ways. In most of the testing centers, the answer to these questions should not be in more than 3 words. So, even if you know the answer to the question, if you answer it in more than 3 words, it may be deemed wrong, thereby causing you to lose points.
  4. IELTS asks familiar questions in tricky ways. For example, it may pose a positive statement for a True or False question, and the answer may be in negative terms but carry the same meaning. IELTS may also ask questions that require the test-takers to combine answers from different areas to arrive at the right answer. Also, in the Listening module, IELTS may ask a question at the end. In the case a candidate has not been keeping track, they may not be able to answer the question.
  5. IELTS expects test takers to follow specific formats. You may write or speak good English, but in case you do not answer questions in the specific format, you risk losing a lot of points. Such detailed formats may be learned only in preparation courses. Specific rules for the Speaking section, especially the middle part where the candidate speaks on his own, are not explained to the candidate by IELTS. You may only prepare for the same during preparation courses, as quoted by the Hindu.
  6. IELTS may penalize the candidate by as much as a whole band point in case of unanswered questions. For example, if a Writing question asks the opinion of the candidate, the candidate is expected to write only that. If the candidate writes a whole lot of opinions adding the pros and cons, still, the candidate may lose a whole band point irrespective of how well the answer was written.

There is absolutely no replacement for good English skills. That is exactly what IELTS assesses. However, unless the candidate is aware of the things peculiar to IELTS or the specific formats in which answers are to be given, the candidate cannot score well. Online preparation addresses these concerns and helps a candidate score his best.

Y-Axis Coaching offers Classroom and Live Online classes for GREGMATIELTSPTETOEFL and Spoken English with Extensive Weekday and Weekend Sessions. The modules include   IELTS/PTE One to One 45 min and IELTS/PTE One to One 45 min package of 3 to help aspiring overseas students with the language tests.

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