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Why must the Netherlands be your next study destination

Posted on October 3, 2020
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Study in Netherlands – The great benefits

How far will you go to study abroad? If your answer is the Netherlands, someone must have already told you how this country is a great place to do your academics. There are some distinct and interesting features of this country that will make you think “How to study abroad in Netherlands?”.

Trust this, once you are through with what we are here to tell you about study in the Netherlands, we guess you will already be adding this spectacular nation to your wish list to complete your studies in.

English will do in the Netherlands for you

The Netherlands has a reputation for being bilingual. English is widely spoken and hence, international travelers and students won’t lose out or feel challenged to death on the language front in this country. In fact, there are many courses delivered in English in Dutch universities. Needless to say, learning Dutch can help you to merge into the society in the Netherlands, you will have the time to do that even after joining a study program.

Graduation can take you places, help you build careers globally

Many Dutch universities are world-class and give good competition to prestigious universities in the UK and the US. It’s a wonderful fact for you that the Netherlands is one of the top non-English speaking countries that give quality education with many degrees taught in English.

Graduating from the Netherlands will obviously give you lots of job opportunities in the country itself. The graduation is recognized all over the world. So, besides standing the chance of getting a job in the English-speaking companies in the Netherlands, you can take your qualification outside this country and find opportunities in Europe or America too.

Academics could come with a world of difference for you

The method of teaching in the Netherlands is pretty different from, say what Asians are used to in their countries. In the Netherlands, you will have to leave behind the old days of teachers/professors telling you what to do and preparing the learning schedules for you. You will have to figure out your own way of learning stuff, make your own plans and research, and be active in class. But if you love to be an independent learner with a zeal to discover your subject by yourself, you are at the right place in the Netherlands.

Another culture shock of sorts you could meet within the Netherlands is how the tutors and students maintain their relationships casually. It’s no big deal walking up to and being friendly with your professor. If you keep a distance out of respect, you could be considered shy or deemed to be poor in communication skills.

2 for the price of 1 is real with courses in the Netherlands

There’s a great deal of appreciation this country bestows to learning and learners. The universities are extremely nice to you by offering two courses at the price of one. If you pay the statutory tuition fees for your first enrolment into a Bachelor’s Degree course, you can do another degree simultaneously for free! This is however applicable for courses offered by public universities.

Also, in most Dutch universities, you get to choose any number of elective courses for which you won’t have to pay additional fees. Isn’t that great!?

The Netherlands is a very progressive nation with a multicultural society, comprised of friendly people who won’t waste time on petty matters and cultural differences. So, there’s a lot you can benefit from, and much you can contribute to this nation with a free mind full of enthusiasm. Take this chance and explore the Netherlands as your next study destination. Get a Netherlands student visa.

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