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Why should you hire a MARA registered consultant for immigration to Australia?

Posted on September 12, 2019
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At first glance, the Australian visa application process may look very simple and you may feel that you can handle it on your own. But once you get down to the nitty-gritty of the process and requirements, you may feel the need for an immigration agent.

An immigration agent knows the intricacies of the process and will guide you on the immigration rules and guidelines.

MARA registered consultant

What are the advantages of hiring an immigration agent for Australia immigration?

There are stringent requirements for providing accurate information in your Australian visa application. Any discrepancies in your application or disregarding the rules lead to disqualification. An immigration agent will provide the right guidance since they are aware of the rules and regulations.

For instance, there are many pathways to get your Australian Permanent Residency (PR) but you should select the appropriate one to get your PR on time. Immigration consultants will help you in this aspect. They will help you get the required points to be eligible for the PR visa and educate you on the cost aspect as well.

Australian immigration rules are intricate and may be difficult to navigate without the help of an immigration consultant.

What does an immigration consultant do?

  • Help to prepare a visa application
  • Provide advice to a visa applicant about their application

Remember no migration agent can:

  • Influence the results of your visa application process
  • Shorten the processing period
  • Promise you a visa

 Why hiring a MARA registered immigration consultant is important?

There may be many immigration consultants who will claim to know the rules and will be ready to help you with the visa processing. But a safer option is to choose a registered immigration consultant who is up to date with the latest immigration rules and regulations.

For help with the Australia visa process, you should hire a Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) registered immigration agent. MARA is an authority that gives approval for migration agents. It is a professional body for agents.

MARA registered agents will charge a fee for visa services. They will provide you with the best professional advice on legal formalities, procedures and protocols for the visa approval process. They are up to date with the policy changes and hiring their services improves the prospect of your visa being approved.

Such agents follow a Code of Conduct which indicates that they operate with the interests of clients in mind. They are aware of the legal process involved in applying for a visa and can educate you on the legal procedures related to your application. With their help, you will not make mistakes in your application.

Considering the complicated nature of the Australian visa application, the help of a MARA agent makes it a smooth and stress-free process.

Advantages of hiring a MARA agent:

  • Based on your profile, they can explain the visa options available to you after assessing if you will be successful in getting the visa
  • Help you choose a suitable visa option
  • Aid in submitting your visa application
  • Help you to avoid inaccuracies in your application
  • Educate you on your rights in connection with complaints, code of conduct or billing
  • Help you submit a well-prepared application with all the required documents for a faster visa decision from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (IDBP).
  • Prepare you, if needed, for an appearance, before a court or a merits review tribunal like the Administrative Appeals Tribunals
  • Contact DIBP to follow-up on your application

How do you check the credentials of a MARA agent?

It is important to check on the credentials of the MARA agent before you take their services. You can go to the MARA website and search for the agent-based on location and name. Check if the agent has a Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN). Licensed immigration agents for Australia must have a MARN.

It is mandatory for MARA agents to display their MARN number on their website. If you do not find the MARN number, avoid taking their services. It is illegal for an agency to provide Australian immigration services if they are not registered with MARA.

If you are planning to migrate to Australia, choose an immigration consultant registered with MARA for a successful outcome.

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