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Why study in British Columbia? Benefits and opportunities for international students

Posted on August 25, 2023
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Why study in British Columbia Benefits and opportunities for international students

Why opt to study in British Columbia?

  • Several job opportunities after study
  • Moderate climate
  • Home to a multicultural population
  • Renowned colleges and universities
  • Efficient transportation facilities
  • Several recreational facilities

Why study in British Columbia: Benefits and opportunities for international students

British Columbia, also referred to as BC, Canada’s westernmost province, is renowned for offering top education for post-secondary students. The province has always been at the forefront of its progressive educational policies.

Today, British Columbia is home to more than 188,000 international students who are enrolled in its universities and colleges and pursuing courses in diverse disciplines.

Home to premier educational institutions

This Canadian province houses some of the world’s premier colleges and universities, which feature in top QS rankings. Prominent among these is the University of British Columbia, apart from Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the University of Fraser Valley.

Besides the superior education, this province provides, British Columbia also has immigrant-friendly policies that attract students from all over the world. In addition to the quality educational programs that BC’s universities and colleges provide for foreign students, they also allow them to obtain varied experiences in study and work.

As the campuses in the province house students from across the world, it is not difficult for newcomers to adjust to life quite quickly.

British Columbia also offers its students a credit transfer system, allowing them to take courses of their choice. This unique program makes studying in British Columbia special. What this smooth transfer system does is that it lets students graduate from their chosen educational institution. The colleges and universities in BC offer wide-ranging programs to students and allow them to choose from them, throwing open to them a variety of possibilities.

Benefits of studying in British Columbia

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, British Columbia is renowned for its welcoming and accommodating surroundings. Most of the educational institutions in BC offer adequate civic facilities for its students. Furthermore, as has been stated, this province is renowned for its diverse and international surroundings, with close to 28 percent of its population comprising people of foreign origin and overseas students.

The low crime rate and harmonious environs of BC are among the best in Canada, making international students feel convenient and comfortable about their education. They should take comfort in that the BC human rights code protects these students along with the Canadian Chart of Human Rights and Freedom.

For foreign students who want to make this province their home, there is good news that it offers several job opportunities in the various industrial sectors, including agriculture, mining, tourism, fisheries, and others.

For foreign nationals who want to study further, British Columbia is an attractive study overseas destination as it offers several scholarships and programs with financial assistance. International students should, therefore, look out before applying for specific courses if they can get grants or any other financial aid while pursuing them.

For the benefit of international students, most educational institutions house within their campuses their own residential houses. They must apply well in advance to get a seat there. International students have to pay a complete one-year fee in advance to book these accommodations, which will allow them to devote time to their studies.

Apart from these accommodations on campuses, students can also opt for housing on rent, which will let them stay outside the campus. Since most of the campuses in BC are well connected to cities and communities by the local transit system, it makes commuting easy for students. Additionally, British Columbia’s accommodation is considerably cheaper compared to provinces like Ontario.

Traveling within British Columbia is not only easy but can be enjoyable owing to various types of transport choices. Educational institutions in British Columbia are well connected with central business districts in its cities with railway networks and roads. Public transportation is also very accessible and reasonably priced in British Columbia. Also available to students to travel are taxi networks, rapid transit systems, and rental car services.

The climate is temperate in most of the area where the province’s population lives. In fact, British Columbia is home to one of the sunniest parts of Canada.

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