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Update on work and residence permits in Denmark

Posted on July 14, 2016
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Denmark Immigration

Starting 10 June, Denmark has cancelled its Green Card scheme and increased the amount of pay limit to be allowed to work and live there.

It was a prerequisite in Denmark for citizens not belonging to EU/EEA (European Economic Area) to be eligible to live and work there by having a permit. The most commonly used permits were the Green Card scheme and the Pay Limit scheme.

The Green Card scheme, now revoked, was launched in 2007 with the aim of drawing more skilled workers to Denmark. This scheme got an extension in 2008 with the introduction of a supplementary job scheme. The applicants of the third country were assessed on the basis of a point system, which included points for language skills, educational qualifications and other criteria.

On the other hand, the Pay Limit scheme offered third country nationals who bagged a job with an attractive pay packet easy entry to the local job market. Here, educational requirements, job position or profession were not taken into consideration. It needed the person to earn a yearly income of at least DKK 375,000. The same has been increased to DKK 400,000 from June onwards.

The Green Card scheme was annulled as it did not produce the desired results, with close to half of the Green Card holders working as unskilled labour.

People who obtained a Green Card and had applied before 10 June 2016 would stand a chance of getting their residence permit extended provided they fulfil certain requirements. If they are granted an extension, their dependent family members can still apply for a residence permit and get their residence permits extended too.

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