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The World’s Most Immigration Friendly Nations

Posted on August 14, 2014
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Today, with mushrooming human civilization, many people leave their homes for a better life in terms good education systems, welfare programmes offered by more affluent countries, as well as for employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Also, many are attracted by the freedom and cultural richness of such destination and some are simply joining friends and family who have already relocated.

If you are looking out to grab opportunities in a foreign countries, then read on to know the most immigration friendly nations in the world.


One of the biggest, most populous and most diverse countries on earth, Brazil is amongst the best nations for immigrants. The multi-cultural nature of this place results in experiencing waves of immigration from all over the world.

Although, this nation is known for its harsh traffic problems in the biggest cities, but crime is declining and Brazil is asserting itself on the world stage.

Among the immigrants, the Portuguese still make up the largest population of foreign-born Brazilians, followed by the Japanese.

Most of the immigrants to this South American nation are actually just foreign-born Brazilians moving back from the neighboring countries where their parents moved.

The United States, followed by Japan, Portual, Italy, France, Germany and China are the largest source of recent immigrants from outside of South America.

12 August 2014,

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