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Yale University – The grand sanctuary of education

Posted on February 28, 2020
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Yale University is the third oldest university in the USA. It was found in 1701. The university still attracts students from all over the world. Those students are willing to study abroad in the best institutions. The experiences of overseas students tell a lot about the university. Yale has a legacy of providing world-class education. Its reputation and class have transcended generations.

When youngsters decide to study overseas, they look to invest in a study program that serves them best. The environment and learning method at Yale University gives a wholesome experience to its students from abroad. If you desire to study in the USA, Yale University should be your top choice.

How does Yale score as one of the best?

Yale University is surely among the most prestigious universities in the world. The features that make them stand out are:

  • Quality education
  • Tailor-made courses
  • Diversity in the cohort
  • Takeaways beyond the classroom

Yale University is reputed for its interdisciplinary approach to learning. It also offers flexibility in the curriculum. Tailor-made courses are a specialty of the University. You can take courses beyond the school that you have joined. So, even if you are enrolled in the school of Arts, you can learn Law as well.

The diversity of the cohorts at the University enriches you socially. There is active classroom participation which is a key element to your performance at Yale. Your active participation can improve your grades in assignments and exams. Classes encourage discussions. Critical thinking is developed in the classroom. Students are required to analyze case studies along with collaborative tasks. There is rarely any memorization needed to learn at Yale. It isn’t expected either.

Coursework can include mandatory internships. Internship helps students apply their knowledge and skills in real-life situations. Thus, they are prepared better for practical scenarios.

The confluence of cultures and talents fosters a variety of creative activities. Students engage in these activities on campus. It makes you exceptional in more ways than academics.

Often international students can get overwhelmed and confused about the new learning environment. They have ways to find their balance and strength at Yale. They can join different groups, communities, and organizations on the campus.

How can you make an impression on Yale to get selected?

Like most institutions in the USA, Yale holistically evaluates your application. So, your application must give a complete picture of who you are. This includes your talent, academic achievements, personality, and hobbies.

It thus becomes important to highlight your relevant co-curricular and professional achievements. It’s necessary that you convince the University that you can add value to it.

As an applicant, you should have relevant work experience of at least a year. This can help you enhance your learning experience too. Your personal statement must reflect your reasons to choose a specific course.

Upon joining Yale, you will get a member of the faculty who will act as your advisor. You will get all the help to plan the course and create your learning experience at Yale.

Yale trivia

Let’s give you added motivation. You would be excited to know that 52 Nobel Prize winners were professors or students at Yale. 5 U.S. presidents have graduated from Yale! They include George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.

Famous people who are Yale alumni include:

  • Hilary Clinton, John Kerry – Politicians
  • Meryl Streep, Edward Norton – Actors
  • Eli Whitney, Samuel Morse – Inventors
  • Fareed Zakaria and Anderson Cooper – CNN anchors
  • Fred Smith (Founder of FedEx), Indra Nooyi (CEO of Pepsi)
  • Grace Hopper – Computer scientist

Presence of international students in Yale

In 2018-19 period, Yale registered the following statistics of international students:

Yale College 11%
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences 37%
Professional School Programs
Architecture 47%
Art 28%
Drama 14%
Forestry & Environmental Studies 24%
Management 40%
Law 13%
Music 36%
M.D. 13%
Nursing 1%
Public Health 28%

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